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The FSE Learning & Teaching Hub offers a variety of in-person, remote, self-paced, and just-in-time professional learning opportunities that are focused on research-based strategies for common teaching tasks and challenges. Our goal is to provide FSE faculty and instructional staff with high-quality professional learning to assist them in shaping effective learning environments.   

A focus on Research-based Instructional Strategies in Engineering (RISE) is the backbone for Professional Learning activities within the Learning and Teaching Hub. In addition, we’re excited to offer opportunities to network and interact with peers through a newly established umbrella: the Educator Networking Group and Gatherings in Engineering (ENGAGE).

See below for several of our upcoming professional learning opportunities, including virtual speaker seminars, communities of practice, on-demand modules, and networking events. We invite everyone to #RISE and #ENGAGE with us!

Please see the sidebar menu and calendar below for more detailed information on upcoming professional learning opportunities.

Upcoming Workshops and Events

June 2024


Fulton Schools of Engineering Education Seminars (SEEdS)

Fulton Schools of Engineering Education Seminars (SEEdS)
The Fulton Schools of Engineering Education Seminars (SEEdS) is a monthly, virtual speaker series that invites all FSE community members to come together regularly to learn about and discuss topics related to Engineering Education.

The seminars, formerly known as the Teaching Community of Practice (TCP), are open to anyone interested in the FSE community. There are a total of six seminars per year (three each semester). A few of our past topics have included mastery-based assessments, gamification of learning, equitable learning opportunities, and culturally relevant pedagogy. #RISE #ENGAGE

Upcoming SEEdS Events

Fulton Schools of Engineering Education Social & Networking Events

The social is a community event held annually where Fulton faculty are invited to network, poster, and hear from keynote and lightning talk speakers on engineering education topics.

The Hub also hopes to host a handful of networking events and opportunities throughout the year. These may be connected to SEEdS or communities of practices, but will be open for anyone to join.  #ENGAGE

Upcoming Fulton Schools of Engineering Education Social & Networking Events

Communities of Practice (CoP)

Based on feedback from the community and a need for more personalized, applied learning, several Communities of Practice (CoPs) have been formed related to specific topics. These opportunities are open to anyone in the FSE community who is interested. CoPs meet virtually every month, with in-person opportunities provided through social and networking events. #RISE

Cohort of Recently-hired Educators (CORE)

Led by Stefani Jenkins

The Cohort of Recently-hired Educators (CORE) is a Community of Practice designed to offer actionable instructional ideas specific to teaching and learning in engineering courses. Formerly known as the Research-based Instructional Strategies in Engineering (RISE) or New Faculty Workshops, CORE is open to anyone interested in the FSE community who wants to learn more about foundational teaching topics, including active learning, assessments, and student motivation. On-demand content, community of practice meetings, and individual instructional coaching will be offered throughout the year. Reach out to Stefani Jenkins if you would like to join this year’s cohort.

Generative AI in Teaching and Learning

Led by Jonathan McMichael and Wenlong Zhang

How can Gen AI support and improve your teaching? This community of practice is dedicated to exploring and harnessing the use of Generative AI in Fulton Schools of Engineering courses. We will focus on learning how students are utilizing existing models, adjusting our pedagogical approaches to accommodate this rapidly changing technology, and considering the implications of Generative AI on Academic Integrity. Whether you’re a seasoned AI enthusiast or new to its potential in the classroom, join us as we delve deep, share experiences, and collaboratively chart pathways to leverage ChatGPT, Bard, and other Large Language Models (LLMs) to improve the learning outcome for our students.

Innovating Teaching in First-Year Project-Based Courses

Led by Marnie Wong

Ready to innovate your teaching? This community of practice is for anyone teaching a first-year, project-based course in the Fulton Schools of Engineering. The group will discuss innovation in the realms of teaching methods, project design, technology integration, entrepreneurial mindset, and best practices in first-year, project-based courses. We will meet once a month to hear from great innovators, share insights and experiences, and collaborate to work through challenges and opportunities. The sessions will be available in-person (Tempe) or online to all who want to attend.

LTH Book Study

Led by Marnie Wong and Kristen Peña

Expand your teaching toolkit by reading and discussing teaching and learning through our professional book study! Every semester, LTH hosts a 3-part, virtual book study with a teaching book-of-choice from the community. Book copies are made available to those interested and through the ASU library.

Scalable Classroom Assessments in Large Enrollments (SCALE)

Led by Jon Baek and Ryan Meuth

How do you know how your students are doing?  What if you have 200 students? 1000? Grading assignments, exams, and projects for many students can be extremely challenging.  This community of practice is for anyone interested in exploring administering formative and summative assessments in large classes.  We’ll discuss challenges and share strategies to increase academic integrity, analyze designs of assessments for efficient evaluation, implement peer evaluation best practices, and utilize technology systems that can support high-quality assessments while maximizing efficient grading. We’ll meet a couple of times per semester, online or in-person (Tempe) for all who would like to attend.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) and Entrepreneurial Mindset (EM)

Led by Medha Dalal, Jean Andino, and Kristen Peña

The primary goal of this CoP is to foster collaborative discussions, research, and scholarship of teaching and learning related to the entrepreneurial mindset. Depending on members’ interests and experience, subgroups of this CoP will provide resources related to scholarship, user-friendly EM activities and assessments, support writing groups and potential co-authorships, and help create timelines and structures needed for a publication. 

Interested in joining a CoP or forming one with LTH support? Email us at [email protected].

Upcoming CoP Workshops

ASU and other Professional Development Opportunities

There are a variety of workshops and webinars available to all faculty and staff to support teaching and learning at ASU.

Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL)

The Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL) seeks to enhance excellence in STEM undergraduate education through development of a national faculty committed to implementing and advancing evidence-based teaching practices for diverse learners. ASU recently joined this network in September 2021. CIRTL uses graduate education as the leverage point to develop a national STEM faculty committed to implementing and advancing effective teaching practices for diverse student audiences as part of successful professional careers. Faculty may direct graduate students, teaching assistants, post-docs, or anyone interested in learning more STEM teaching and learning to CIRTL.

Other Resources