Getting Started with QRGs

Overview and Introduction: The WHAT and WHO

The FSE Quick-Reference Guides (QRG) are designed to provide condensed information on a variety of educational topics.  The guides provide just-in-time information to learn the basics or jog the memory, allowing quick implementation of pedagogical strategies as well as resources for future in-depth learning.  

All guides are divided into three sections:

  1. Overview and Introduction: This section answers basic WHAT questions about the topic as well as WHO might use and/or benefit from it.
  2. Implementation and Timing: This section provides information on WHEN, WHERE, and HOW the strategy might be implemented. 
  3. Rationale and Research: This section explains WHY the strategy is beneficial and provides research and resources for future learning

The QRGs are meant for anyone looking to improve their teaching strategies, gain a deeper understanding of pedagogical or theoretical theories, or learn more about available resources available to the Fulton community.

Implementation and Timing: The WHEN, WHERE, and HOW

There is no ‘right time’ to use QRGs – they can be used at any time.  The guides provide just-in-time information as quick ideas to implement for an upcoming class, or as a reference to past learning. The QRGs can be implemented in a range of areas including in a single class or across an entire course in a variety of modalities (in person, online, hybrid courses). 

Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas:

    • Identify QRG topics that may be of interest by using the sort function on this page. The sort feature allows you to quickly identify QRGs that are related to specific concepts, challenges, or ideas. Many of the ideas shared in the QRGs require very little prep time, are easy for students to understand (‘low-risk’), and do not require a large amount of classroom time to implement.
    • Identify topics/class sessions that would benefit from new strategies. This may include class sessions that have a lot of time spent lecturing or topics that students consistently find challenging. Look for new ideas that can support you in making changes to this content.

Rationale and Research: The WHY

The QRGs are designed to provide condensed information on a variety of educational topics for the Fulton community to implement research based instructional strategies to enhance student learning and engagement.


Additional Resources and References

Interested in learning more?  Check out a few of these QRGs to get started: