What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video conferencing platform that is easy to use and is licensed enterprise wide. It allows instructors to interact with students while also providing an atmosphere for student collaboration. Zoom works with MacOS, Windows, and Linux platforms, as well as Apple and Android mobile devices.

Why should I use Zoom?

Zoom provides the opportunity to social distance and is convenient for office hours. Meetings can hold up to 300 participants and allows screen sharing, annotation, white boards, breakout rooms, chat and cloud recording. Participants can connect via telephone audio if using a mobile device.

How do I go about getting started?

  1. Go to https://asu.zoom.us/ to login to your Zoom Pro account and select Login with SSO button.
  2. Type “asu” for Enter your company domain text box.
  3. You will be directed to ASU authentication page
    1. Login with your ASURITE username and ASURITE password
    2. You may be asked for DUO two-factor authentication
  4. You now should be logged into your Zoom Desktop Pro Account
  5. To download the desktop app on Windows & Mac
  6. To download the desktop app for Linux

Are there additional resources available?