Welcome to Multimedia Production at the HUB

The Learning and Teaching Hub provides a full gamut of video production services. Most video shoots take place in one of our recording studios, conveniently located on ASU’s Tempe and Polytechnic campuses. Productions are developed by multimedia professionals in cooperation with our talented learning design experience staff, as well as faculty and other course producers. While our recording studios are primarily reserved for faculty collaborators currently participating in our course development process, both the Polytechnic and Tempe campuses are also each equipped with a “self-service” recording studio that is freely available for all ASU Engineering faculty. For more information about our recording studios, please click on one of the locations below for photos, an interactive map, and directions. Please feel free to utilize whichever studio is more convenient for you, as our studio procedures are standardized across campuses.

BYAC 220
30 E. 7th St.
Tempe, AZ 85281
(interactive map/photos)

7291 E. Sonoran Arroyo Mall
Mesa, AZ 85212
(interactive map/photos)

Self-Service Studios
Tempe and Polytechnic Campuses

First time in an LTH studio?

  • Work with your instructional designer to plan the topics that need to be covered, and how best to break down these topics into videos.
  • Schedule in advance. Schedule the recording session as far in advance as possible, as studio calendars do fill up quickly. In addition, keep in mind that it typically takes the studio 1-2 weeks to process your video(s) after recording. If necessary, your instructional designer can assist you to reserve the recording studio.
  • If you are planning to record something other than a standard lecture video, such as a lightboard session, a two-person interview, or a “Meet the Faculty” video please write that in the comments so that the recording team can properly prepare.
  • If you need to use two different recording set-ups, (e.g., green screen and lightboard), please consider that two separate studio sessions.
We recommend using our New-LTH Lecture Template_Standard to make your lecture work best on video.
  • Complete slide development. Work with your instructional designer (ID) to revise and finalize slides at least one day BEFORE your recording appointment, so that you have time to rehearse (see below), and so that studio time is not used working on slides. The studio setting is different from the classroom,
  • Rehearse your presentation(s). You should be very familiar with your slides and the structure of each presentation, and you should know how you will speak “past” the slides.
  • Try and avoid wearing green or shades of green when recording.
  • If you’re recording a lightboard session, try and wear black or very dark shades of clothing.  This allows your writing to be visible against your body.
  • Bring a water bottle and be prepared to take short breaks in between videos.  Talking at a camera for a long time is often tiring!
  • Put your FINAL slide files on a thumb drive or ensure that they will be readily accessible when you arrive at the studio (a thumb drive is the fastest, easiest way to get the slides from your computer into the studio’s system (NOTE: the FSE studios use , Google Drive is also acceptable)
  • MS PowerPoint (.PPT[X]) is the most preferred file format, and PDF is the second preferred format. If you have a file in any other format make sure to ask in advance if it’s supported.


  • The media team will edit and produce your recordings within approximately 3-5 days after your session. 

Subject Matter Expert Review

  • Once your recordings are complete, your ID will share them with you. It is critical that you and/or your TA review the videos for accuracy. If you note any issues or require further edits, please provide your ID with the video title, time stamps, and any additional details.  Once they are finalized/approved, your instructional designer will add the videos to the course.