Our Approach

​The FSE Learning and Teaching Hub supports the university’s charter of inclusion and academic success by facilitating a culture of teaching and learning within the Fulton Schools of Engineering.  This is accomplished through ongoing professional development, communities of practice, instructional consultation and coaching, collaborative course development, and the effective use of instructional technology and learning analytics.


Collaborate with faculty and staff to improve student outcomes, retention, access, and inclusivity across all FSE programs.


All FSE students thrive in an environment that fosters learning.



  • Facilitate a culture of teaching and learning within FSE
  • Ensure FSE learning experiences are relevant, engaging, and designed for student success
  • Create new opportunities for a diverse set of learners to experience FSE education
  • Establish systems, process and protocols that ensure operational effectiveness, efficiency, and excellence

Focused on the student

We believe…

Students should be at the center of the learning process.

Excellent course design contributes greatly to student outcomes.

All students are capable when provided the right tools and environment.

Inclusive and Accessible

We believe…

  Education should be accessible regardless of gender, race, geography, disability, or background. 

  Principles of Universal Design enable the best learning environment possible for students and faculty.

Inclusive and Accessible

Collaborative and Engaging

We believe…

  In teamwork, collaboration, and creativity.

  In partnering with faculty to create engaging learning experiences.

Grounded in Research

We believe…

Learning strategies, supported by research, should be leveraged to enhance and improve instruction in all modalities (f2f, online, Sync, or hybrid).

In facilitating opportunities for instructional staff to engage, enhance, and expand their teaching through professional development, classroom observations, resources, and one-on-one consultations.

Grounded in Research

Iterative and Innovative

We believe…

In encouraging innovation by identifying, developing, and leveraging the collective experience and expertise of the FSE learning and teaching community.

In an iterative process that provides instructors opportunities to learn and refine their practice through consultations, professional development, mentorship, and recognition.