Academic Innovators

  Carla van de Sande

   Associate Professor, School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences


Carla van de Sande, associate professor of mathematics education at ASU, created a program to help students practice key math concepts over academic breaks. Keep In School Shape (KiSS) emails or texts students daily challenges so they can keep their skills sharp between calculus courses.

Keep in School Shape (KISS)

  Dan Frank

   Assistant Teaching Professor, ENGR Academic & Student Affrs


Daniel Frank has created a learning environment that cultivates imagination in his first year engineering courses. Frank’s innovation had him taking a few clues from a popular television series and creating a fictional customer for his students to design for.

Imaginative Rusty’s Riddles

  Steven Millman

   Professor of Practice, School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering


Steve Millman, a Professor of Practice in the School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering, programmed his own software that randomly generates practice problems for his Digital Design course, called Logic Tutor.

                             Logic Tutor