Meet Tom Arkusz

Tom Arkusz


What I Do

As an Instructional Technology Analyst, I provide support for all AV and IT systems and I produce online lectures along with the Instructional Designers and Instructors.

What I Did

I joined Fulton Schools of Engineering as a technology support analyst back in 2003. Science and technology education is my passion. After earning my MSEE degree in Poland I went on to make educational and documentary films at the Educational Film Studio there. Later in the US, before joining ASU, I was producing educational medical videos and other media at the Arizona Heart Institute. Through this video production career I was also keeping up with the developments in engineering. I passed an engineering board exam and in addition to being a producer I was also acting as a video systems engineer. I did score a few awards including Bronze Statuette at the International Educational Film Festival in Teheran for the film “A Bit of Cybernetics” and the Loersch Scientific Award for medical photography.

What I Studied

I have a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering degree from Lodz University of Technology in Poland.

What I Like

Interest in science and having a graduate engineering degree gives me good insight into what it takes to gain understanding of sometimes complex and math heavy subjects. In my free time I enjoy reading nonfiction and 3D printing.

Favorite FSE Value

Favorite FSE Value

Build a foundation for all to be successful! Every person that does not reach his or her full potential is a loss to all of us. Only after enabling everybody to be successful, we can hope to meet future challenges through innovation and bold thinking.