Meet Tod Kemper

Tod Kemper

Tod Kemper


What I Do

Hello, I am Tod Kemper. I work as the Learning Analytics Lead. My job is to try to find insights in the data from our numerous courses and learning tools. The goal of my position is to help instructors be more effective and students to have a better learning experience.

What I Did

I joined the hub at the end of 2022. Prior to joining this team, I worked in Enterprise Technology as the reporting lead and the Office of Planning and Budget as a budget analyst. I have worked for ASU for 12 years and have done similar data and reporting work in the aerospace industry.

What I Studied

I have a few business degrees from ASU. I have bachelor’s degrees in Computer Information Systems, Supply Chain Management, and Sustainability. I have master’s degrees in Information Management and Planning and Data Analytics.

What I Like

I am a Carolina Panthers and Phoenix Suns diehard fan. I like to learn and have fun with my kids. I am a comic book nerd and like almost all heavy music. Cooking and learning new recipes has been my most recent journey and I am always open to hearing new techniques.

Favorite FSE Value

Favorite FSE Value

Deliver innovation that matters! Being a part of something new is what keeps me coming to work.