Meet Stefani Jenkins

Stefani Jenkins

Instructional Innovation Coach

What I Do

I work in the Teaching and Learning Hub as an Instructional Innovation Coach.  In this role I have the opportunity to work side by side with the Engineering faculty to offer customized support.  Looking to implement active learning strategies into your course?  Let’s meet!  Need an outsider’s perspective?  I can come in and observe your class and provide actionable feedback.  Looking to grow professionally?  Attend one of our professional development sessions. 

What I Did

I hail from the world of education and spent 18 years mostly in the classroom.  For the last five years I spent the best years of my teaching career as a Social Studies and STEAM teacher.  There I taught my seventh graders the Engineering and Design Process as we moved through Project Based Learning units centered around seven Social Studies units.  I spent two and a half years as a TAP Master Teacher.  In this role I helped support school improvement efforts with an emphasis on classroom instruction and student achievement.  During my years in and out of the classroom, I have developed and presented a great deal of district-wide and site wide professional development on a wide range of topics.

What I Studied

I am a Sun Devil through and through!  I moved from a small, college town in Northern Idaho here to attend ASU as an undergrad.  I received my BA in Communication.  After a year of internships, I went back to school and received my Post. Baccalaureate degree in Education.  I developed a love of curriculum design and earned a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction.  Ever the glutton for punishment, I became a Nationally Board Certified Teacher in Early/Middle Child Reading: English Language Arts.  I continued my educational pursuits, earning a second Masters degree in Educational Leadership.  Is there a PhD in my future?  Never say never!​

What I Like

When I am not working, you will find me adding stamps to my passport!  I love to travel and if the locations are near water… game over!  Reading is especially important to me and Kindle Unlimited has saved me an enormous amount of money.  I love an intense gym workout and an even better gluten free cupcake!  I enjoy spending time with my family, my Sphynx cat, Jinxy and my 8 lb Chihuahua, Brutus!

Favorite FSE Value

Favorite FSE Value

Encourage Bold Thinking! My favorite Fulton value is ‘Encourage Bold Thinking.’ Sit for a minute and think of everything we have in this world because someone chose to think in a bold manner, challenge the status quo and persist. Bold thinking embraces the unknown, the what ifs and ignores all the haters. I love being part of the Fulton community because bold thinking is encouraged and celebrated! I love that I am presented with the chance to work in an environment that challenges me to go out and bring those bold ideas to fruition. Challenge accepted!!