Meet Phoebe Lashley

Phoebe Lashley


What I Do

Hi, I’m Phoebe and I help in creating graphics, art, and videos for the Hub.

What I Did

Before coming to the Hub, I worked as a receptionist at an animal clinic, I also did graphic design and art commissions on the side.

What I Studied

I attended CGCC after graduating high school in 2017, I was studying the arts and sciences. I studied at ASU in the GIT Program with focus in Game Art and Animation and graduated with my Bachelor’s.

What I Like

In my free time I love drawing, playing games, and watching anime. When drawing, I really love creating character designs. World of Warcraft and the Legend of Zelda series are some of my favorite games.  If we are talking music, I enjoy Metallica and the 80s – if we are talking food I can really dig into some pho or sushi!

Favorite FSE Value

Favorite FSE Value

Build a foundation for all to be successful! The most important thing is creating a space where everyone who enters to be successful in their own pursuits. Having a strong foundation opens the door for all the other core values to prosper — we are at our best when we uplift each other. Seeing others succeed encourages me to succeed!