Meet Kristen Peña

Kristen Peña


What I Do

As Program Manager, Learning Initiatives, I plan, develop, and support a variety of faculty professional learning initiatives, including workshops and other learning opportunities. The goal of these initiatives is to facilitate a culture of teaching and learning for Fulton faculty in which all engineering students can thrive in environments that are relevant, engaging, and designed for student success.

What I Did

Prior to my role with the Hub, I led several entrepreneurially minded student programs and events at FSE under the ASU Kern Grant, and worked closely with the Grand Challenges Scholars Program, E+I @ FSE, the FSE Career Center, and the Fulton Student Success and Engagement office. Prior to joining the ASU family, I worked for several years at other higher education institutions in academic advising and program coordination.

What I Studied

I completed my Doctor of Education (EdD) in Leadership and Innovation from Arizona State University. My research interests include faculty professional development, faculty-student interactions, and first-generation college students. I am a first-gen student myself! I also completed my BA in Psychology from Northern Arizona University and my MA in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Argosy University.

What I Like

In my free time, I like reading, hiking, traveling, and watching a good sci-fi or fantasy movie. I like to dabble and try new things – skydiving, Ice Hotels, even eating haggis. I am my best self after at least two cups of coffee and will never decline a piece of chocolate. My household includes my video game loving husband, our boardgame obsessed son, and two rescue dogs.

Favorite FSE Value

Favorite FSE Value

Build a foundation for all to be successful! A foundation for ALL to be successful ensures that our diverse learners feel a sense of belonging. Everyone belongs at Fulton! I believe that building a foundation for everyone in our community to be successful means that we are focused on creating equitable and engaging learning opportunities. In my mind, its the first step that enables all the other Fulton Values to thrive – excellence, innovation, bold thinking, and a community of learning!