Meet Brian Hall

Brian Hall

Brian Hall


What I Do

Hello, I am Brian Hall. My current role is Instructional Designer Associate with LTH. I work with our entire team at LTH, but most closely with the Instructional Design team. I assist with course building, faculty training and assistance, accessibility and seeking new creative processes. 

What I Did

I came to the hub late Fall 2022 after working as a graduate academic advisor for almost 12 years. 6 of those years was working with the Teacher’s College here at ASU. Before higher education I spent a few years in K-12 education and over a decade in retail and customer service roles.

What I Studied

I hold a Bachelor’s in English, a Masters of Education in Higher and Postsecondary Education, and a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design and Performance Improvement.

What I Like

I love motorcycles, traveling with my family, my Akita named Halas and all Chicago sports. My family and I usually travel to see one Bears game each season, and one football game from my high school Alma Mater, Mater Dei in Southern California. My son is currently training for a promising career in football, hoping to play for a Division 1 school.

Favorite FSE Value

Favorite FSE Value

Foster a community of learning and collaboration! I have always been a communal person. I learn and operate best when part of a team environment. In my earlier college years, I loved to write short stories and poems. However, I hated sharing my work unless it was in a face to face environment. I like to read body language, voice tones and facial expressions. Diversity typically makes everything stronger! Having a diverse community to learn from and collaborate with improves each members experience and understanding, while building better, stronger results.