Meet Lindz Robinson

Lindz Robinson


What I Do

As a Senior Learning Experience Designer with Fulton Schools of Engineering, I work closely with instructors to thoughtfully design and develop learner-centered experiences, utilizing Backward Design principles. My primary focus is on the hybrid course modality; partnering with instructors to implement Active Learning Strategies and a Flipped Classroom approach to teaching and learning.

What I Did

Prior to working at ASU, I was a classroom teacher for over a decade. I began my teaching career in Prague, CZ. I taught adult professional development courses as well as English as a Foreign Language. Once back in the USA, I taught K-12 art, art history, ceramics, and SFA reading. Most recently, I worked for ASU’s ETX Center under grants from the Department of Education, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and NASA, developing open educational resources, project-based learning experiences, virtual tours, and adaptive learning lessons in collaboration with faculty and developers.

What I Studied

I have a Master’s degree in Educational Technology, a Graduate Certificate in Arts Education, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Design.

What I Like

Outside of ASU, I enjoy spending time with my husband and toddler, watching and playing sports, hiking, cycling, travelling, sculpture and ceramics, and country swing dancing.