Meet Nick Lindquist

Nick Lindquist


What I Do

My name is Nick Lindquist, and I have been a Multimedia Developer with GOEE since December 2016. I manage a green screen studio at ASU Polytechnic and I create all sorts of videos, graphics, and animations for ASU Fulton courses and related online content.

What I Did

In 2001 I accepted a position with ASU as a Media Specialist in Distance Learning Technology (DLT), and I have been working full-time in online learning and related technologies at ASU ever since. I also spent a number of years working for the University Technology Office (UTO) where I was part of the Applied Learning Technology Institute (alt^I), and later a member of the University Common Computing team.

What I Studied

I received my BA in Broadcasting from ASU in 2001, and my MS in Graphic Information Technology (GIT) in 2006.

What I Like

My primary hobbies outside of work are CrossFit and meditation. I have found that exercising the mind and body regularly makes everything else in my life seem easier. However, my passion for CrossFit is not my only lifestyle choice that others find highly controversial. For example, I also feel strongly that the Game of Thrones books are better than the TV series. In my leisure time, in addition to reading, I enjoy photography, painting (digital and acrylic), animation, biking (mountain and road), tinkering with vintage computers, and playing vintage video games.