Meet J Stanley

J Stanley

J Stanley


What I Do

I’m an Instructional Designer that architects learning design with GOEE. Sounds simple but it can get complex with multiple tools, collaborating with faculty and accommodating student needs to provide the best student learning experience.

What I Did

Prior to coming to ASU in February 2016, I worked at a tribal college in New Mexico managing their E-Learning department, Dual-Credit Program, and their Faculty Assessment as well as teaching courses (both F2F and Online). I then came to ASU, working for CLAS as an Instructional Designer where I designed/maintained online courses, piloted tools and managed a video recording studio, among other great things.

What I Studied

I graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.S. in Agriculture Technology Management, a M.A.E. in Agriculture Education and a M.S. in Educational Technology.

What I Like

Outside the walls of ASU, I enjoy awkward silence, staring into space confronting cognitive dissonance, creating art, drinking tea with a huge chocolate croissant, watching college basketball and going on spontaneous drives.