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Fulton Schools of Engineering Education Seminars (SEEdS) – Promoting Engineering Persistence Through Peer Led Study Groups

Guest Speaker: Ryan Milcarek, ASU

Zoom | Password: 719466

Are you looking for new strategies that can help your students master difficult concepts and stay engaged in your course? Consider implementing peer-led study groups, a form of cooperative instruction. In this presentation Ryan Milcarek will review this technique that has been shown to help students improve their course achievement, self-efficacy and persistence to graduate, in comparison to students that engage in typical instructor-led teaching approaches. Beyond helping students pass a class, the technique is targeted at helping students think and solve problems like engineers. To get an overview of peer-led study groups prior to the presentation, please watch the following introduction video.

Ryan Milcarek is an Assistant Professor in the School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy at Arizona State University. He obtained his B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at Syracuse University. He also obtained an M.S. in Energy Systems Engineering, Certificate of Advanced Study in Sustainable Enterprise and Certificate in University Teaching during his graduate studies. He is currently leading an NSF Research Initiation in Engineering Formation (RIEF) grant to study the impacts of peer-led study groups on student self-efficacy, identity formation and persistence in engineering. His disciplinary research is focused on solid oxide fuel cells, generating fuels (hydrogen) and chemicals, microcombustion, manufacturing of ceramic materials, energy storage for demand response, and thermochemical energy storage.

More about Fulton Schools of Engineering Education Seminars (SEEdS)

LTH will continue to host monthly guest speaker seminars for the community to regularly learn about and discuss topics related to Engineering Education. The seminars, formerly known as the Teaching Community of Practice (TCP), are open to anyone interested in the FSE community.