Meet Andrew Salcido

Andrew Salcido


What I Do

My name is Andrew Salcido and I have worked for Arizona State University as an Instructional Designer since 2014. In my role, I collaborate with instructors to create engaging, meaningful, yet challenging courses that coincide with educational pedagogy best practices. 

What I Did

I received my BA in Elementary Education in 2007, and my MA Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction of Technology in 2009.

What I Studied

I hold a Bachelor’s in English, a Masters of Education in Higher and Postsecondary Education, and a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design and Performance Improvement.

What I Like

I love being outdoors, whether that be running, hiking, fishing, or just driving around. I have 4 young children who share the love of the outdoors with me. On top of work, I also am an assistant coach for my daughters Track and Cross-Country team.

Favorite FSE Value

Favorite FSE Value

Encourage Bold Thinking! As a former educator, I am driven by a constant quest to explore innovative and effective methods to enhance student success. I firmly believe in providing students with the best possible learning experiences, and this motivates me to continually seek creative approaches in my practice as a designer and hope to manage others to think this way.