Meet Amy Janiczek

Amy Janiczek


What I Do

I joined GOEE in May 2017 as an instructional designer where I work with faculty to design or redesign their courses for online delivery, or work out a particular problem in teaching online or face-to-face.

What I Did

Before coming to ASU, I worked at the Center for Teaching and Learning at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health for ten years where I worked as an audio editor, producer, instructional technologist, and finally instructional designer. I was born at Johns Hopkins Hospital, worked my first summer job as a camp counselor at a Hopkins day camp, and got my master’s degree in education from Johns Hopkins. The only feasible way to cut the cord was to move across the country. Some of my previous jobs include board operating for NASCAR races at a radio station, bartending, coaching high school girls cross country, and audiobook editing.

What I Studied

I received a BA in Cinema Studies from Oberlin College, and a Master’s in Education from Johns Hopkins University. I have a certificate in Online Learning for Adults, and a certificate in Teaching the Adult Learner, also from Johns Hopkins University.

What I Like

Being outside, running and hanging out in the wilderness, and doing indoor things like reading on the couch and using electricity.

Favorite FSE Value

Favorite FSE Value

Build a foundation for all to be successful is the basis for all other FSE values. To me, this means continually seeking ways to create an inclusive, equitable, enabling, and inspiring environment that supports everyone in their best learning and work.