Meet Michael Canby

Tod Kemper

Michael Canby

Learning Experience Design Associate

What I Do

I’m a Learning Experience Designer Associate at the Learning & Teaching Hub. I apply prevailing learning theory to design engaging, interactive courses that work with diverse learners. I also collaborate with faculty to foster a learning environment where students have the tools to be active and successful on their educational journeys.

What I Did

I have worked various jobs in manufacturing, services, and as a contractor for the ATF. I began my career at ASU in 2016 by helping students get their transfer work articulated.

What I Studied

I have a Master’s degree in History from ASU, a Bachelor’s degree in History from Shepherd University, and a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design & Performance Improvement from ASU.

What I Like

I often find myself traversing dangerous worlds filled with monsters and magic (via video games & tabletop roleplaying games). I like to ponder the great mysteries of the universe over a cup of coffee. I also like to travel, create, hike, read, study languages, hang out with friends, and spend lots of time with my wife and my cat.