What I Do

As a System Support Analyst, I work with cameras, AV systems, and IT support. I’m a Blackboard administrator, and I assist in all aspects of the delivery of engineering online courses.
I manage several lecture capture classroom studios on the Tempe Campus. I also provide technical support for online engineering students and faculty.
I live stream many engineering events around campus to give our online students a way to attend on campus functions remotely.

What I Did

Before joining the GOEE team I worked for the Decision Theater at ASU which brought policy decision makers into a virtual reality environment to visualize complex problems.
While there, I managed the AV systems and worked on projects for a variety of clients. I left ASU for a couple of years. During that time I worked for VirTra Systems where I installed simulators for military and law enforcement training.
I also worked for Axon Sports, where I made videos used to train college and pro level athletes.


What I Studied

What I Like

I have been into computers since I was 13, and have built most of the computers I’ve owned the last 15 years.
While I was studying video production in college, I also found a passion for photography and my photos have been published in just about every print and digital medium exists (even a billboard).
I like to play with technology gadgets and I’m excited to see what comes of the emerging consumer virtual reality market.

Favorite Fulton Value: Cultivate Excellence

To me, cultivating excellence is important because it drives personal growth which leads to success. It also inspires others and fosters a mindset of continuous improvement. By striving for excellence, everyone at ASU and the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering can achieve extraordinary results and make a positive impact in their area.