FSE Cloud Classroom (Apporto)

What is FSE Cloud Classroom (Apporto)?

FSE Cloud Classroom is a virtual environment hosted in the cloud that provides Fulton students immediate access to software used in many Fulton Engineering courses directly from a browser window. Windows, Mac, and Linux virtual machines are available 24/7 – many high capacity computing and processing solutions are available.

Why should I use FSE Cloud Classroom?

FSE Cloud Classroom provides Fulton students immediate access to software used in many engineering courses from any internet-connected computer. The system is browser based, meaning no software to download or install. The system can be accessed from any computer with a compatible web browser and internet connection, even on campus at any ASU managed computer lab. Access to software that would otherwise be incompatible with your computer is possible through this system.

How do I go about getting started?

Login to this URL using your ASURITE credentials: https://asu.apporto.com/

Are there additional resources available?

Please refer to the FSE Cloud Computing homepage for a quick start guide and a list of software available within the different virtual desktop environments.

How can I get help?

Students can get help on accessing and using the FSE Cloud Classroom by emailing [email protected]

Faculty and staff can get assistance, such as how to get a new virtual environment created for your courses by submitting a request to FSE Cloud Classroom Support in ServiceNow.