On December 6th, ASU is launching MediaPlus: a multimedia hosting and delivery platform created in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS)!

MediaPlus will replace MediaAMP/Modalis as the media delivery platform for ASU. MediaAMP has been discontinued by their parent company and ASU has been given a limited amount of time to transition to a new service. All existing media, videos and transcripts, in MediaAMP are being copied and saved and will begin to appear in MediaPlus in early December. On December 5, your MediaAMP resources in Canvas will automatically begin to be transferred to MediaPlus. You will not need to reupload or transfer those resources yourself. On December 6, you will be able to input new content for upcoming semesters into MediaPlus. 

MediaPlus offers a diverse array of features, such as transcription, captions, upload and download capacity for both audio and video, playlist creation, and many more. UTO is working closely with MediaAMP to ensure that existing content is secured and transferred to the new platform – it is not anticipated that faculty will need to take action related to their content on MediaAMP.

We are excited to provide this new platform empowered by speed, security and global delivery. For more information, please visit our FAQ. Questions or concerns? You can access support for MediaPlus the same way that you have accessed support for MediaAMP. The Experience Center, [email protected] and Slack at #mediaamp-mediaplus-support are all viable points of contact for issues and inquiries.