What is Yellowdig?

Yellowdig is a social learning platform and student engagement tool that can be used within the Canvas learning environment. It enables students and instructors to easily share articles, websites, and multimedia that relate to their course content.

Why should I use Yellowdig?

You might choose to use it if you are looking for new ways to engage students within your course. Many faculty have chosen to replace the discussion board in their course with Yellowdig, finding that it increases student engagement. This video provides some additional information on why you may want to use Yellowdig in your course.

How do I go about getting started?

Yellowdig is installed at the Canvas College sub-account level. The tool is hidden by default but may be enabled and added to your course.

Are there additional resources available?

Additional Yellowdig resources can be found on the Yellowdig website, here and here.

How can I get help?

Any questions concerning Yellowdig should be directed to the FSE Learning and Teaching Hub: [email protected]