What is Honorlock?

Honorlock is ASU’s principal online proctoring solution for fully-online ASU i-Courses and o-Courses. It  is an AI-based solution that monitors students in real time and alerts a live proctor to any suspicious behavior detected by the Artificial Intelligence. If intervention is warranted, a human proctor will pop-in and address the problem with the student. This curbs cheating as it is happening and reduces the risk of false positives being flagged. All interactions are flagged and documented for the instructor.

Why should I use Honorlock?

  • Convenience – students can take an exam at a location and time that best works with their schedule. 
  • Chrome Extension – Allows for the use of Honorlock without the need to install bulky software. Works on Chromebooks!
  • Academic Integrity – It helps to curb cheating and increases the value students receive from your course and their degree.
  • Advanced features – Honorlock can detect alternate computer/mobile devices that are being used to search for answers, an intelligent voice detection that triggers when smart devices are asked a question, and a “Search and Destroy” functionality that looks for copies of your exam when posted online and files DMCA takedown notices.
  • ASU supported – Honorlock is an enterprise solution. It has already passed security review and has been licensed for use. Students and faculty can receive assistance in the use of this product (see below).

How do I go about getting started?

If your course is a fully online course (I or O course) Honorlock has probably already been enabled in your course. If you do not see it, it may need to be enabled in your course navigation.

If your course is combined with an I or O course in a Canvas shell, you can request permission to use Honorlock for that Canvas shell.

Are there additional resources available?

How can I get help?

For assistance with Honorlock, 

  • Students:
    • Chat support can be initiated 24/7 by clicking on the chat bubble in the 
    • lower right corner of the test window or by visiting honorlock.com/support
    • Email Support is available 24/7 at [email protected]
    • Phone support for students is available 24/7 by calling the ASU Experience Center at (855) 278-5080.
  • Faculty:
    • Chat support can be initiated 24/7 by clicking on the chat bubble in the lower right corner of the Honorlock page or by visiting honorlock.com/support
    • Honorlock offers 24/7 phone support to faculty/staff at (844) 243-2500.
    • Email support available at [email protected]
    • Email the FSE Learning and Teaching Hub at [email protected].

If you would like The FSE Learning & Teaching Hub to assist you with the deployment of your exam within Honorlock, please fill out this digital form at least one week before your exam is due to launch. Requests received with less than 72 hours’ notice may not be able to be completed.