Google Workspace

What is Google Workspace?

Google Docs is the word processing program offered by Google. You can use this to write reports, complete assignments and work on shared documents. This is very helpful as you can work on your document from anywhere in the world and your content is safely stored in the cloud, so no local damage can harm your documents.

Google Sheets is the spreadsheet package offered by Google. It lets you create rubrics, analyze student grades, keep track of student projects and much more. Using formulas and functions can help you save a lot of time when doing calculations and Sheets can be used to do much more complex projects as well. In addition, you can work with multiple people at the same time to complete a project faster and store your material on the cloud for safe storage.

Google Slides is the presentation package offered by Google. Google slides allows you to create quality presentations for classes, projects, meetings and everything in between. Use a stock template or upload your own to make the presentation look even better. Collaborate with colleagues and peers to get reviews and complete presentations together. Use Slides from anywhere around the world at anytime wherever you have access to the internet.

Why should I use Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is an extremely collaborative platform that enables simultaneous work on the documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other useful applications.  Allowing multiple users to work simultaneously makes this platform highly advantageous.

How do I go about getting started?


Are there additional resources available?

How can I get help?

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